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Best Historical Landmarks in Dublin

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Dublin’s city center is home to some of Ireland’s most remarkable historical landmarks. In this guide, we invite you to step back in time and explore centuries old architecture and iconic sites that showcase Dublin’s rich history. Uncover the city’s heritage through its key landmarks, each narrating a unique chapter of Dublin’s history.

Trinity College Dublin:

Highlights: Trinity College is a must visit if you are in Dublin. The university college is a showcase of Georgian and Victorina buildings. You can’t miss The Long Room, Trinity College’s iconic library or a guided tour toThe Book of Kells. Stay in our hotel in Dublin City Centre and discover more about Trinity College.

Location: College Green, Dublin 2, D02 PN40, Ireland

Dublin Castle:

Highlights: Discover the beauty of Dublin castle, which dates back to the mediaeval period. One of its highlights is the stunning Chapel Royal, which showcases stunning Gothic architecture. As well as being a must see historical landmark, Dublin Castle is home to cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year. Stay in our hotel in Dublin City Centre and discover more about Dublin Castle.

Location: Dame St, Dublin, D02 NP93, Ireland

Christ Church Cathedral:

Highlights: Located in the heart of Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral displays Gothic architecture in the city centre. The cathedral is home to historical artefacts and has one of the largest crypts in Ireland. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking city views from Christ Church tower. Stay in our hotel in Dublin City Centre and discover more about Christ Church Cathedral.

Location: Christchurch Place, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, D08 PF8W, Ireland

St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

Highlights: Visit the largest Cathedral in Ireland, which holds a beautiful interior that displays glass windows and stonework all within a peaceful atmosphere. Stay in our hotel in Dublin City Centre and discover more about St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Location: Patrick’s Close, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, D08 H6X3, Ireland

Ha’penny Bridge:

Highlights: Step back in time by crossing Liffey Bridge or Ha’penny bridge bridge. Built in 1816 is an iconic Dublin Symbol. Pass by the bridge and get a nice photograph near River Liffey before heading to the amazing range of bars and restaurants around.

Location: Bachelors Walk, North City, Dublin, D01 DC83, Ireland

Molly Malone Statue:

Highlights: Take a walk around the city and visit the charming Molly Malone statue. Despite being a fictional character Molly Malone holds cultural significance and is a big part of Irish heritage.The statue is a very popular spot for tourists and locals and makes for great, fun pictures!

Location: Suffolk St, Dublin, D02 NP97, Ireland

The Custom House:

Highlights: Overlooking the River Liffey, The Custom House displays impressive neoclassical architecture. Historically, it is a symbol of Irish independence. Visit The Custom House by yourself, with a guided tour or get into a bout your along River Liffey.

Location: Custom House Quay, North Dock, Dublin, D01 VY76, Ireland

Dublin City Hall:

Highlights: Dublin City Hall displays stunning Georgian architecture. If you want to enjoy beautiful architecture and learn more about Irish cultural and historic heritage, Dublin City Hall is an interesting landmark to visit.  

Location: Dame St, Dublin, D02 NP93, Ireland


Dublin’s vibrant city centre offers a captivating journey through time, allowing us to explore remarkable historical landmarks right at the heart of the city. From the charming mediaeval Dublin Castle to the intellectual hub of Trinity College with its iconic Book of Kells, and the Gothic majestic Christ Church Cathedral to beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral, each landmark narrates a captivating chapter of Ireland’s history.

 Are you a history enthusiast? If so, staying in our hotel in Dublin City Centre, near some of the most impressive landmarks in Dublin is a convenient and exciting option. Book your stay or contact us for more information now!