The Chancery Hotel Dublin

About Us


When you stay at The Chancery you’re choosing to spend some time in a place steeped in history, a place that has counted time slowly. We are a new addition to a neighbourhood with a long memory. We are blow-ins but we know our place.

In a city that celebrated its millennium in 1988 we are situated just metres from remnants of the Old City Walls, and just to the rear of Dublin Castle, the seat of colonial rule in Ireland for 800 years. Just to the South sits St Patrick’s Cathedral where satirist Jonathan Swift served as Dean. So your travels cross over, just a little, with those of Gulliver.



At the Chancery sustainability is much more than just a buzz word – it’s a credo that informed the construction of the hotel from the ground up. It’s a belief that influenced our decision making – from choosing fixtures and fittings to approaching how we wanted the hotel to function on a day-to-day basis.

Surrounded by so much antiquity, by such sites of historical importance, it was crucial to us that our footprint would tread as lightly as possible.